Vegetable boxes factory – About us

The company Orizont SRL was founded in 1991, soon to become a prestigious vegetable boxes factory in the following years. As raw material we exclusively use poplar, because it is found in abundance near our factory. Over time, we have invested in numerous machines to easily manipulate wood and to create different products which have interest on the market, such as : timber, elements for pallets, long-grain / short-grain veneer, elements for fruit boxes, bottoms for fruit boxes, wooden vegetable boxes.
A large part of our products are destined for the external market. We established tight relations with companies from Spain, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey.
In the present day, with more than two decades of experience, our company decides to concentrate all its efforts towards the production of vegetable boxes. We have an automatic production line, Corali brand, from Italy, with a capacity of 1500 boxes / hour. In peak season time, we can work on 2 shifts and we produce about 20 000 vegetable boxes per day

vegetable boxes factory