Fruit packaging made out of poplar wood

Our company offers different solutionfruit packaging for fruit packaging made out of wood. Starting with standard 300 x 400 or 300 x 500 fruit boxes and ending with custom made fruit packaging, specially designed to suit your application.

Every element of the package is made at your instructions and the final product is fully custom made. We want to mention that any modification from the standard dimensions attracts price differences and any alterations are approved only if your order is big enough to justify the changes. At our factory, we don’t just assemble boxes, we produce all the elements which make out the final product. Our raw material is poplar logs and the final product is the fruit packaging.

We are very flexible with out clients and we provide truck loading even on off-hours. The fruit boxes are delivered either bulk or on pallets. For more details regarding the wooden fruit packages, please access our products page or contact us for more details.
wooden packages