Fruit boxes 300 x 400

The fruit box fruit boxes with 300 x 400 dimension has the highest annual demmand. They are used mostly for packaging cherries, apricots, plums, grapes, tomatoes etc. All the fruit boxes are made out of poplar wood and have handles. The handles offer the boxes a nicer look and feel, it strengthens its rigidity and when the boxes are filled with fruit and stacked in the truck, the handles of the lower box offers support for the box above.

Characteristics of the 300 x 400 fruit box :

  • The frame is made out of 4 mm thick element and 85 mm in width
  • The corner is 120 mm tall or 140 mm tall (on request, e.g. for grapes)
  • The handles are 5 mm thick
  • The bottom has 2 lateral pieces and 1 stick on the middle
  • For a better overall resistance, the bottom is stitched to the frame with an additional stitch on the short side

Amount of boxes per truck

  1. Fruit boxes in bulk
    • Normal truck : 7200 boxes
    • Mega truck : 8500 boxes
    • Super mega truck + trailer : 9200 – 9800 fruit boxes
  2. Fruit boxes on pallet
    • Normal truck : 5772 boxes ( 24 pallets – pallets sold separately)
    • Mega truck : 6760 boxes ( 24 pallets – pallets sold separately)

The weight of a fruit box is somewhere between 300 and 500 grams, depending on how dry or fresh the box is. The 300 x 400 boxes hold 6-7 Kg with no problems. If you want to check our stock or you want to place an order or get a price quote, we invite you to check our contact page.

wooden box