Elements for fruit boxes

Our company produces all the necessaryelements for fruit boxes components to make the fruit box : the elements for fruit boxes, the bottoms and the corners. If you have an assembly line for fruit boxes, but you cannot produce yourself the elements ( either you don’t have a peeling line or maybe raw material is not accessible in your area), you can order elements for fruit boxes from our company.

We can produce any dimension you like.

Factors that influence the price of elements per cubic meter :

  • the width of the element (if the element is narrow, it takes more time to produce. In general, if the width of the element is lower than 45 mm it will attract a higher price)
  • the thickness of the element (if the element is thinner, it takes a lot more elements to make a cubic meter and sorting becomes more difficult)
  • quality demands ( knots, color etc)

A normal truck fits about 27 m3 of elements, which translates in sufficient elements to make the frame of 50 000 fruit boxes of standard 300 x 500 dimension. In coclusion,  it justifies the cost on longer distances. We export in Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Belgium, Italy, Spain.

wooden elements